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Indigenous women and girls in North-America: the prostitution system as a continuation of historical oppressions

Plenary sessions

About the event:

Time & Date
June 2nd

10:00 AM

Indigenous women and girls have been impacted by systemic marginalisation and violence as a result of colonial policies, making them prior targets for the prostitution system.

The speakers for this discussion:

Fay Desjarlais

Indigenous worker

April Eve

Stolen Sisters & Brothers Action Movement (SSBAM)

Bridget Perrier

SPACE International & Sextrade 101

Fay Blaney

Aboriginal Women's Action Network

MiKenze Jordan

Akâmihk (Montana) First Nation, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter and Aboriginal Women's Action Network (AWAN)

Diane Redsky

Community leader & activist

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