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Bridget Perrier

Bridget Perrier
SPACE International & Sextrade 101

Bridget Perrier is a First Nations woman. Her spirit name is Wasayakwe, meaning Women of Light. Bridget was born to a Ojibaway woman who lovingly placed Bridget up for adoption so that she would have a better life, and so she was rasied in a large, loving, non-native family. When Bridget was 8 years old she was sexually abused by a family friend, the pain that she felt burdened her, by 12 years old Bridget had been lured and debased into prostitution from a CAS group home for girls; Bridget was bought and sold in brothels and streets all over Canada.

Bridget found healing within Toronto’s First Nations community, eventually went back to school and got into George Brown college, where she graduated from The Community Worker Program. Bridget also was a recipient of the YWCA Woman of Distinction Turning Point award in 2006. In 2007 she co-founded Sextrade101 a organization that is survivor lead that educates the public about the real truths surrounding Prostitution and Trafficking and also providing support to those who are caught up in the cycle of prostitution with exiting and mentorship and advocacy.

Bridget as a First Nations woman has made it her mission to educate everyone about the real truths and stories that dispels the myths that Prostitution is a Choice. Bridget has gotten a second chance in motherhood and has been blessed with four beautiful daughters, and one special needs son, her daughters are active role models in the social justice movement. Sadly Bridget lost her youngest daughter Soleil to a known drug dealer pimp, who gave her daughter a lethal concoction of fentanyl and cocaine. Soleil was only 21 years old. Bridget speaks from a First Nations perspective and feels that Prostitution truly affects and places Canada’s First Nations women at harms risk.

Bridget has represented and spoken as a First Nations Survivor seven times at Commission of the Status of Women for the UN in New York City. Bridget was Co-Founder Sextrade101 Canada's first survivor run activism coalition. Bridget is now a AHT consultant and Advocate mentor within Canada’s Anishnawbe community.

Bridget was pivotal in lobbying and testifying for the passing of Bill C-36, she also helped advocate for Bill C-268 and has also been a active in lobbying and testifying for the National Inquiry for MMIW. Bridget is a Survivor Champion for SPACE International she is the Survivor Leader for Canada and has spoken internationally about the harms that Indigenous women and women of colour experience in the sex trade. Bridget Perrier is a survivor trailblazer in the Abolition movement in Canada!

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