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Meghan Donevan

Meghan Donevan

Meghan Donevan is the research director of Talita, Sweden, an organization providing holistic support to women exploited in prostitution, pornography, and human trafficking for sexual exploitation. She is also pursuing her PhD at Umeå University, focusing on the experiences of individuals filmed for pornography production.

Meghan recently served as an expert for the Swedish governmental Inquiry into the "Protection, support, and care for individuals subjected to abuse in the production or distribution of pornography" (Dir. 2022:100). She spearheaded a mixed-methods study that significantly influenced the inquiry, shaping proposals for legislation and policy, while providing a platform for the voices of those filmed for pornography.

By highlighting the experiences of those exploited in pornography, Meghan continues to shift public discourse, contributing to greater societal awareness and recognition of the harms associated with pornography production.

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