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The role of activists and parliamentarians in the Abolitionist struggle

Plenary sessions

About the event:

Time & Date
June 2nd

3:15 PM

Since 1999, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Israel and the State of Maine (USA) have adopted Abolitionist Model legislations. Legislative battles are currently taking place in many other States thanks to the combined efforts of parliamentarian champions and the civil society.

In this panel, Parliamentarians, advocates and survivors from South Africa, Canada, France and Spain will tell us about their fight to obtain, implement and protect Abolitionist legislations.

The speakers for this discussion:

Andrea Fernández Benítez

Parliamentarian (PSOE) and lawyer

Janine Benedet

Professor & lawyer

Jonathan Machler

Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAP)

Mickey Meiji

Survivor Empowerment & Support Programme

Maud Olivier

Rapporteur and co-author of the French Abolitionist law of 13 April 2016

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