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The Last Girl First! Prostitution at the intersection of sexist, racist and class-based oppressions

Plenary sessions

About the event:

Time & Date
June 2nd

11:00 AM

Patriarchy, racism, poverty, war, colonisation, marginalisation… the prostitution system both thrives on and reinforces vulnerabilities resulting from intersectional oppressions.

Survivors and advocates from India, Canada, Ukraine, Lebanon and the USA tell us about their experience in challenging these patterns through their fight for the abolition of prostitution.

The speakers for this discussion:

Suzanne Jay

Asian Women for Equality

Melanie Thomson

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW)

Noura Raad

European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW)

Maria Dmytriyeva

Democracy & Development Center

Héma Sibi

Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution (CAP)

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