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Attacking the demand for the purchase of sexual acts : achievements and challenges

Plenary sessions

About the event:

Time & Date
June 3rd

11:00 AM

The prostitution system exists for one reason: to satisfy the male demand for the purchase of sexual acts. The demand generates a market based on the exploitation of the vulnerabilities, organised by pimps and traffickers.

The Equality Model provides tools to confront the demand. In this panel, law enforcement officials, survivors, academics and frontline workers from Canada, the USA, Sweden and France discuss their achievements and challenges.

The speakers for this discussion:

Clara Berglund

Swedish Women's Lobby

Rose Sullivan

Survivor, activist and frontline worker in Québec City

Omar Siddiqui

Community Prosecutor in Manitoba

Rosen Hicher

French Survivors' Movement

Melissa Farley

Prostitution Research & Education

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