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Two front war against women’s rights (Atelier en anglais)


À propos de cet évènement

Heure et date
June 3rd

1:30 PM

Duration: 1h30

The objective of the workshop is to explore and create an in-depth understanding of how women's sexual rights and human rights are threatened and attacked from not only one side but from two sides.

The conservative, far right, religious movement has been gaining momentum for decades, trying to shove women back into sexist stereotypes. But it’s not solely orchestrated by the expected conservative and religious actors. Groups who call themselves progressives are teaming up with neoliberals. They are blurring the critical distinctions between sex and gender, commodifying women’s sexuality and reproduction. Despite their feminist rhetoric, they are promoting the exploitation of women in prostitution, pornography, and surrogacy as freedom of choice.

You must be registered for the 4th World Congress to take part in this workshop. No extra charge but registration is required here.

Les intervenantes :

Clara Berglund

Swedish Women's Lobby

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