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Abolitionist strategies for today: Debunking myths about prostitution (Atelier en anglais)


À propos de cet évènement

Heure et date
June 3rd

3:00 PM

Melissa Farley and Luba Fein discuss impactful ways to debunk myths and lies about the realities of prostitution and the sex trade.

Internationally renowned researcher Melissa Farley and survivor leader Luba Fein share their experience and expertise in advocating for the adoption of abolitionist legislation.

Duration: 1h30

You must be registered for the 4th World Congress to take part in this workshop. No extra charge but registration is required here.

Les intervenantes :

Vednita Carter

Breaking Free

Luba Simran Fein

Voices of Israeli Sex Trade Survivors

Melissa Farley

Prostitution Research & Education

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